I finally did something!

With the first exam only 4 days away, I finally decided to actually do some real study . I’ve done pretty much the whole summary of principles of business law, but am still so stuffed for Cost Management

Yea, I’ve been pretty much procrastinating for 2+ weeks!

I’ve really got to teach myself to stay away for Neutrogena Moisture Defence. Why can’t I learn? Stupid skin…

Currently eating: Ski Smoothie Bars: Tropical Tango flavour. Hey, this actually tastes nice! I want more!


One thought on “I finally did something!

  1. cost mang….*sigh*….gonna start the first prac exam soon…and i only have 1.5 days till the exam (just to scare myself – there are 6 prac exams!!! 14 freakin\’ hours!!! screwed big time….).obviously i\’ve been procrastinating too…lol

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