Uni, noooo!!!

Already?! Gees, the holiday just went by quickly, didn’t they?
I finally installed my 200gb hard drive! Actually, there were a few troubles with it as my brother opened the case and found I didn’t have a SATA HDD and only IDE, so I had to go and exchange it. He gave me a cheaper brand and cheaper drive, but oh well. Most suppliers don’t accept opened items back anyway, so his profit from getting the SATA version must have justified the free exchange… although, he did offer $5 refund.
I still haven’t done my tax return yet, but I trialed e-tax and it seems like I’ll only get like a $12 refund! How depressing. If I cheat the system and claim $300 (which doesn’t require receipt proof), I would still only get $50 – but that’s risky… Come on, I paid way more tax than that – like over 5 times as much.
So, it’s off to routine again. Hopefully, this semester, my marks will be much better. I’d better study more this semester! Argh, I say that every semester, don’t I?

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