First week back at uni

And so ends the first week back at uni.
First week back and I have already managed to fall asleep twice in lectures. Yes, not just once, but twice. Absolutely terrible. I think it may have something to do with my constant sleeping at around 3 to 4am… I have got to reset my biological clock!
Haven’t really walked past or caught up with many uni friends yet.
Quaintly, I met the dux of Santa Maria in my BPA lecture How strange! I only knew she was dux because I got the old girls newsletter and she said her name was Amy and I asked whether her last name was so and so, and it was Funny, how things happen.
Nidhi is also in my BPA lectures Yay! This subject is such a joke… why am I not exempt from it??? It’s like a rehashed version of VCE Information Systems 3/4 in an accounting context.
Example of lecture. Lecturer: “Has anybody heard or seen of Microsoft excel” *opens up MS Excel* “These are columns and these are rows and you put data in them” O_o Okay, duh!
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One thought on “First week back at uni

  1. ah but u would be surprised how many ppl out there (over the age of ten and otherwise of sound mind and body) still get the two confused.

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