The weekend

Spent the weekend doing absolutely nothing. Maybe I can get something done between 11.30pm and 2am tonight? Bah, Wishful thinking!
This weekend has been spent sleeping in, using the internet, going to neighbourhood auction, eating and downloading movies and watching them.
Saved is a very good movie! Very underrated, as it practically got no promotion here, even if Mandy Moore was the supposed lead. IMO, Jena Malone, Eva Amurri and Macaulay Culkin were the real stars of the movie. Very funny and entertaining, if not at times a litte cliched – but hey, very few teenage movies don’t have their moments of corny-ness.
If you’re Christian, I wouldn’t say I say I don’t recommend it, but to watch it lightly and don’t take it to heart.
Garden State is okay. Actually kind of glad that I didn’t pay to watch this movie. It’s quite slow in a non-event way Personally, I see it as a type of movie that some ordinary person would make and that somehow they see their life is so signicant and the ‘ephiphany’ that they’ve gone through is so interesting that a movie needs to be made, when unforunately, it comes across a little indulgent.

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