After work today, I went to David Jones and took advantage of an excellent offer in the current beauty offer: a makeover with gifts – all complimentary!
So at past five, I rocked up to the Napolean counter, a counter which I had never been attracted to in the past, due to rumours of its products being rebranded cheapies. But for something for free, how could I resist??? The makeup artist/sales representative was very helpful and not patronising at all – relatively refreshing from the rest of the counter girls/ladies. Got primer, powder, bronzer, eyeshadow, mascara, curled lashes and lipgloss on me.After it, I also received a free full-size lip gloss and primer sample! W00t! Absolutely great value!
If I say so, I look great  The lip-gloss applied was a bit heavy for my taste, but complexion wise is pretty good! Could never be like magazine air-brush style, but my skin’s too stuffed up for that polished finish. Sooooooooooo much better than my Clarins’ one, where I looked like Chinese drag queen

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