… had a bad day!

Omg, just when things were probably looking up, today was like the worst day ever!
My incompetent group for BPA – someone from the group will probably read this, but it doesn’t matter, I have a feeling he can probably tell that I’m not entirely satisfied with the group. First of all, they don’t know how to complete the task. Even worse, when I know something is right, don’t shrug and look at me innocently thinking that you are correct, when the book and tutor will just prove you wrong.
With less than a week due for this assignment, it’s much more important to meet up for a group assignment rather than having a social life or going to some lecture which has the livestream available online! Priorities, people! You’re all young adults now… Personally, I’m forfeiting a 300,000 auction on Saturday for this assignment, you know!!! I’m THIRD year now, I don’t need people mucking about with MY time!
Where’s my Cost Management group when I need them?  Now, they were a good group… even if we did get a crappy mark. ‘A’ wasn’t even in corporate law tute today!
To top it off, I look like a mess. I hate today!
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3 thoughts on “… had a bad day!

  1. hehe so understand your situation!im stuck in a group with such useless peeps, to top it off their lazy aswell! 😦

  2. awww…there there elli – ur missing us ..hehe…i know how u feel…stuck in a pathetic group… i\’ve been there too… hope things will get better for u… BPA sound shiat, not looking fwd to it next year. our cost mang group was awsome huh? "window shopping* in ur house and supper were the only things i remembered from our assignment…hahaha. but look on the bright side – u can\’t get a worse mark than cost mang ^^ good luck gal! we gotta catch up soon 🙂

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