In retrospect…

I was probably a bit harsh in that last entry – and quick to judge! That day seemed to be full of disappointment and completely lacking in any cheer, hence the severity of harshness in tone.
Looking back throughout my whole uni studies, I think,  I have often been quick to judge and only to be proven wrong within a few weeks time. Most common suspects are usually quiet, Asian males who just seem to radiate incompetence to me – at least at the first meeting. It usually happens in labs or tutes. Though, that doesn’t always mean every quiet Asian male I’ve met, is judged to be stupid – just quite a few, that’s all!
Uni has made me tactless. Or if I never actually possessed tact in the first place, maybe just more blunt!
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One thought on “In retrospect…

  1. Hi elle, You seem very frustrated with this group…hope things work out…sometime it just needs time. I know a lot of smart asian dudes..infact I am yet to come across one that \’radiates incompetance\’ LOL!!! tactless eh?…Maybe you are just sick of studying…trust me there are times when you feel like you have just had enough…but it always gets better.

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