A deserved break

I didn’t end up finishing my Java project, but right now who cares. Seriously, I wanted the pain of that project to end. I’ll probably end up getting 2 out of 10, but it was such a crappy and long project, it was all I could achieve with my stupid brain. I’m not cut out for programming. Programming stopped being fun as soon as I started learning it. Realised it’s not really my calling. I’ll stick with it for now and I hope maybe the love for it will become rekindled in the future, one day. Plus, I didn’t know a thing about Cricket…
Yay for holidays. Must catch up some work, clean up some stuff, etc.
Currently making a list of stuff for dad to get in HK. In reality, I don’t really expect to get them, knowing he probably has no idea about the items on my list. Most of it is Baby Pink stuff
I wouldn’t mind a surprise pressie too It’s been so long ever since I’ve ever received a present! I haven’t been able to celebrate my birthday for about 5 years, it kinda sucks…

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