Goodies from HK

Dad returned this morning and I received soooooooo many presents. What was completely unexpected, was a gift of a Motorola V878 mobile! Virginia, if you’re reading this, thank you so much to you and your family! I never expect anything from my relatives because honestly because they aren’t those types of people. These happens more predominantly on my mum’s side. It’s more give, give, give than take…
Moving on, I practically have the whole Baby Pink Lip Jelly, Eyes Jelly and Cheeks Jelly collection in front of me! Since the Face Powder was nowhere to be found as lamented in previous entry, my dad bought a replacement called suki Face Powder and it was only HK$22 – that’s like $3.80! Bargain; I have no idea whether it works though… Happy, nonetheless! Well, I gotta be right?
Here’s a few pics of my stash

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