The hiatus.

Sorry, I haven’t written in this for a very long time, but this has got to be the first Saturday (besides holidays) where I haven’t had to go out of the house for uni purposes! Finally got to sleep in until 3pm – I haven’t had the privilege of doing that for ages, have had to sleep consecutively (including weekends) from about 3am to 7am every night. Definitely, not good. Uni is so overrated… All this work for some certificate, even worse when I most likely will NOT receive a “(Hons.)” after my Engineering degree. I am soooooooo struggling with my computer science subjects – I am not cut out for being a programmer. Can’t wait for the holidays…
I think my skin has fallen in love with this: Dr Ci:labo Aqua Collagen Gel… Dang, why do you have to be so expensive? Tricky, tricky skin Back to using thick and heavy Cetaphil Cream now and I feel so dehydrated

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