Shop, shop, shopping!

During the only 2 full days to study for 433-254 Software Design, I go shopping!
It was the Myer Christmas Shopping Event starting at 6pm, last night. Had done some very minimal study during the day and after a very early dinner, mum and I headed off to Myer Melbourne.
Skipped the ground floor and went up to shoes and Miss Shop. Nothing in Miss Shop. Shoes was quite busy, with the 50% off designer section jam-packed. I think there was a mother holding like 5 boxes of designer shoes. Too bad most of them were ugly – unfortunately, money just can’t buy taste. Most of them were thick wedges made of gardening-like material?! If you’re going to buy designer, might as well buy something with leather in it… Also,  I don’t think I will every understand the appeal of Marc Jacobs. His stuff may be cute sometimes, but most of the times the design isn’t that good. If you wanted some “cheaper” Manolo Blaniks, it would’ve been a good time to get a pair. I say “cheaper”, considering full price was $1250 and half of that is still a hefty $625! Couldn’t find any good shoes, designer or otherwise…
Went to the next level: Women’s clothing and handbags. Designer fashion (also 50% off) was a bit of a bored and none of it justified the still exorbitant pricetag. Review had some very pretty clothing, but wasn’t taking part in the 25% Women’s fashion offer I tried on a Marcs Sundress for kicks – it was very cute and summery, but still kind of expensive. Didn’t buy any of them.
Next, went to handbags. Okay, my mum’s gone crazy. She bought herself an expensive handbag! I got one too Had been eyeing the baby blue bag’s larger complimentary ever since it was shown in a Myer catalogue. Didn’t end up getting that one since I felt it was a bit too “nappy-holder”. Yes, it would have held tonnes of stuff, but I’m trying to move on from XXXXL size tote bags! Mum hasn’t bought a thing for herself for probably like ten years or so… She has gone crazy, hasn’t she? Oh, and she also managed to convince some Asian shopper to also buy an expensive bag. I swear, that lady – the random Asian shopper – is going to go through some shopper’s remorse today!
After spending probably over an hour in just the bags section, went back to women’s clothing and bought a cute, little, sky blue cropped jacket from Cue
And that was the end of our little shoping trip!
Edit: So many embarassing typos!

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