It’s over!

Finally! Haven’t been able to use the computer freely ever since I’ve finished exams. I used the computer more when I was “studying”.
Monday: Exam in the morning, movie in the evening – The Family Stone. Relatively mediocre movie, but it was for free Had yummy Korean food.
Tuesday: Work. Came back home exhausted, crashed.
Wednesday: Picnic with my friends Haha, me and my friends are such nerds, haha Meant in the nicest possible way, of course! We excitedly gatecrashed Mac.Rob’s Speech Night, stalking familiar teachers! Mr. Skinner was terribly bemused, probably wondering why the heck are these girls wanting to take photos with me?! Mr Sawaki hasn’t aged at all
Thursday: Work: caught a Taxi by myself for the first time – yes, something like that is the highlight of my life After work, finally logged onto Vogue. Didn’t even get to read all posts as exhaustion came over and I crashed again.
Friday/Today: Worked until late. Involved running all over town trying to find some money exchange agent who had Filipino Pesos; took an hour and queuing up in long lines in 5 locations
Now, I’m finally catching up with Vogue properly
Ooh, just before I went to work, I popped into Myer shortly and happened to chance onto the new MOR range. Peony Rose, Cherry Blossom and Jasmine Tea: all just divine! The scent of Jasmine Tea EDT is my favourite

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