*stomach flip-flops* x 10000000

My results aren’t officially released until tomorrow, but there is a way to find them out early*.
Just the whole thought of my marks were making me feel queasy. My marks had going on a steeply decreasing trend for the past few semesters, with the last 2 semesters with 3 Ps each time and I was overdue for a NP any time.
Amazingly, I improved this semester! P, H3, H2B, H2B. Nothing spectacular, unfortunately. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get a H1 or even a H2A any more. BPA was kind of my last chance – and I still didn’t even get one.
* Request for a ‘results history’ to be emailed to you the day before the official date release of your result. Then wait a few hours and check your inbox.
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One thought on “*stomach flip-flops* x 10000000

  1. us art students like to do it the good old honest way — up at crack of dawn akas 7am and fight the system overload like a honking azn driver. it just ain\’t sweet enough sans le struggle…. and ellie, any type of honours is an honour!

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