Office Christmas Party

Actual work was a big chore.. Completely had stuffed up the reconciliation and had a few tiny figures that were stuffing up things Including Thursday and yesterday, I’d probably spent about 6 hours on just reconciliation. That’ll teach me to enter things into MYOB correctly…
While the rest went out for drinks at 17:30, I continued plodding along with making ad invoices. I wouldn’t have went anyway… Strangely, S came back to the office just to print back back a poster celebrating the passing of VSU. He spent the last few hours of work just watching Parliament Question Time!
Left the office at about 18:45. Caught the tram up to the restaurant. Damn! I’m like the first one from the office there… I hate being early. Sat relatively awkwardly with those at the top of the company, outside. One of them had been lunching there for like probably 5 hours… Then another casual arrived; a little small talk. Quickly on, the rest arrived and we moved upstairs into a private function room.
Before food was served, a speech was read out by one of the top, written by our poor, sick boss , who couldn’t make it on the night. The speech was read slowly and with many repetitions, however, it really hit me back to reality. Sure, it was full of praise for everybody, but the pressure felt enormous. The person I am “replacing”, admittedly, did an excellent job in middle-managing the company. There was a sentence which was in regards to him: working to “get the job done”, as opposed to just the “hours”. That made me feel really guilty It’s not as if I just go to work, do hardly anything and then when it’s when 5, I clock off… No, I do complete tasks, but deep-down inside, maybe I know, that I don’t do the most that I could.
On a much-more positive note, everyone getting pay rises and/or bonuses! Yay, at least a bonus for me. Not sure about a pay rise though. Although the person I’m “replacing” was on a higher rate than me, have I actually proved myself enough to earn more? I know confidence is something my boss has been trying to instil into me, but…
I made a few faux pas on the night. I was hungry and as I usually never eat restaurant bread, I was using a knife and fork to eat it. One of the Top told me that you are supposed to “break bread” . Whoops! Bread with the butter was quite tasty. Then when the mains came, I pretty much started eating before everyone got their plates . Shows how much I go out to eat formally. At home, I just start eating as soon as my bowl has been filled… I completely forgot about food etiquette -_-;;
I went to the bathroom 3 times that night. When it gets awkard and I have no one to talk to or have nothing to say I start doing drinking alot… Only water of course, despite the Moet flowing aplenty! The bill was quite extravagent too – I think I will keep info that private.
Found out all male colleagues attended Scotch College AND Melbourne Uni, and all know each other In hindsight, I find it almost amazing that I’ve been given this opportunity to work for this up and coming company – no, I am not drunk now! I have no connections to anybody at all.
Food was nice, conversations weren’t too forced and the function ended very late, just before midnight. Unfortunately, I had to leave before they took it to somewhere else and seriously, took the last tram home. All in all, a nice and enjoyable evening. Hopefully, the boss gets well very soon!

2 thoughts on “Office Christmas Party

  1. a perfect oppurtunity for you to relax and have some "good convos" with the scotch college AND melb uni guys elli!!did u get any numbers or emails???

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