Welcome to 2006

Apparently it was 43’C degrees yesterday, so there was no way I was going to become roast beef (I am year of the Ox…) by sleeping upstairs. Laid on the couch and didn’t end up doing much sleeping. Instead, I watched Guthy-Renker infomercial after Guthy-Renker infomercial. Damn those ads are convincing!
First up was Proactiv. I see their ad has changed since I last saw it. Now Diddy (formerly known as Puff Daddy) and Alicia Keys even endorse it! Actually, it’s more of a shock that Diddy endorses it… If it didn’t have Benzoyl Peroxide, I probably would have ordered it by now. It is only “2 easy payments of $29.95 (plus $9.95 p, p & I)“… *shifty*
Next was Core Secrets, a whole exercise system on DVD based on using those fitness balls. It really made me want to buy a fitness ball *shifty*
Then it was Anthony Robbins’ Get The Edge. Ermm, guess what? I’m actually downloading it now. *shifty* (Unforuantely, can’t find Core Secrets on any online networks…)
As my eyes were getting really sleeping and had that burning sensation, I was about to switch off, but then Cindy Crawford started spruiking her Meaningful Beauty range. This was also enticing, although the bottles looked tiny. Again, it didn’t seem too expensive *shifty*
Yes, so that’s how I heralded in the new year; being entranced with infomercial after infomercial Keke!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to 2006

  1. i got a fitness ball for christmas. red one. its feckled, and mostly i just bounce up and down on it to scare my dogs.

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