One hour…

The other night I only managed to get full hour of pure sleep. It was not a fun night. I was all ready to get to slumber just after 12, but I never managed to full alseep until 4am. Even worse, I woke up 1 hour later at 5am, when my alarm was to go off at 6am. I could have slept another hour. The strange thing was that I never actually felt tired, but I knew I needed to sleep, I had a finance meeting at 8am…
Spent the rest of the day at work forcing myself to be wide-eyed, but tiredness crept in at about 11am and asked to go at lunch time.
Just prepping for uni and I’ve found one of my textbooks that’s available on Amazon and the reviews are dismal; Software Engineering: Theory and Practice.
Charles Liu (USA) on Amazon says:
This book is so boring that I am wondering how anyone could even finish reading it. Maybe it’s hard to make the subject interested to read in a text book. If you want to read on your own to get some wisdom on software engineering, pass this one. If your professor picked it for class, that’s another story.

Great, another dodgy textbook for uni. Even the first review on the site is full of warning. This is certainly a not very encouraging start to the uni year. Guess I’ll really have to put in the really hard yards this year, if I want to attain a H2- average.


Edit: Found another of my textbooks on Amazon. Seems like CSSE lecturers love crappy books. Commerce lecturers seem to be much wiser


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