Uni Starts Soon

Woke up early today to join in the festivities of my uni’s Orientation events! Went to the Bookroom first to investigate the pricey prices of this semester’s booklist. Did a comparison later with Academic & General and seems like A & G are useless. They didn’t have most of my books on their database, plus their prices weren’t cheaper! Passed some camels They were a bit stinky though…
Mission: To blend in with all the newbies and collect as much free stuff as possible.
There seems to be an influx of Chanel this year… Got a free lunch with the fairy floss, green tea, popcorn and sno-cones on offer! Bumped into a few fellow students helping with the Orientation. Came home with alot of promotional “junk”, as well as a herb pot-planting kit with soil! Well, that’s certainly different! Maybe I’ll have some living Basil & Thyme in a few weeks! All in all, it was a pretty good “carnival”. Much better than the last one I went to, but the best one definately was my first year one in 2003.
Now waiting for the chance to change my timetable schedule…
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