Study progress update: week 1

Had a very good start from the first half of the week. Then it just went spectacularly downhill. I was still making the effort but my attention and concentration span could only allow me to read one or two paragraphs of any texts. Fell back into old habits by visiting websites I shouldn’t and procrastinating by visiting websites I never usually visit! Held back on Vogue though, but I’m finding the topics really boring recently that I can finish a whole week’s worth of threads in about an hour. Did no study on Friday and Saturday, must do some today since I have a seminar session on tomorrow.
In happier news, for the first time, I did a bank reconciliation in one go, ie no wasting time fixing data entry errors!

4 thoughts on “Study progress update: week 1

  1. Hi…whooa…congrats on the bank reconciliation thing…(sounds complex)…LOL…know how you feel…I have a concentration span that lasts about 15 minutes tops. At least it will all be over for you at the end of this year. :)…I am doing Radiation Therapy at RMIT now…Things are just going along…Just moving with the tide…so yeah. I am getting to old for all this study…:)
    catch you later,

  2. Hey great to hear from you 😀 So is it another 3 year degree, or will you be out of there sooner? Good luck with it 🙂
    Bank reconciliations aren\’t complex, they just require cautiousness and high accuracy, which I don\’t possess 😛

  3. Hi elle,
             yep the unfortunate thing is it another 3 years but…but I get a few exemptions and there is also an intern year at the end but I get paid for that…Its all good. Hey, I graduated yesterday…I\’ll post the photos when I get time.
    YOU WILL BE GRADUATING TOO at the end of this year right??? Its a great experience. Keep me posted.
    Take care,

  4. Ooh, hope to see your photos soon! Unforuantely I don\’t finish until the end of 2007, so that means 2 more years to go (including this one)…

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