Sometimes it seems like you’re 15

It’s strange. Maybe because when I was actually 15, I felt like I was 10? However, then why does it feel that certain people around me also seem to be acting as they were 15. Why “15”? Just the average age between 10 and 20; a stage between being a child and pseudo-adult. It’s just marking number for now.
By “15”, I don’t mean immature. I mean by just the things one is supposed to experience when 15 or so.
What was I doing when I was 15? I would have been in year 10, playing hangman and “matchmaking” games with my friends during the lunch hours. I was always stuck with the perrenial Mr X… no, he wasn’t a plant – he was just non-existent. While my friends had many ideas on who to put on their ‘potential suitor’ list, I had none and there started my long term relationship with an invisible Mr X… I’m pretty sure we are still together – isn’t that sad, haha
*common sense: “Um ellie, you should probably stop writing now!”*
disclaimer: Take the above paragraph with a grain of salt.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes it seems like you’re 15

  1. hehe~
    I\’m not sure if you guys have this reunion thing (probably not the right word to use) here, but I went to my primary school classmate reunion in January this year back to China, that was so much fun! When they started to talk about things like who had a crush on whom and they were planning to make up for that after the gathering and stuff like that, haha, the girl actually had her face all red!

  2. Reunion is the exact word to use 🙂 But primary school reunions are highly rare, they more of an event for high schools.

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