Lost: My Weekend

Can you help me find it?
It’s a Friday night, nearly approaching 9pm and I am far from feeling my usual relaxed mode in anticipation of two days of sleeping-in goodness. Tomorrow, I will have to wake up 8am, so I can attend my group meeting for team SRS critique at 10am at uni. Hopefully we will get the bulk of it done tomorrow.
My worklist in order of priority and deadline:
  • Individual SRS
  • Team SRS
  • Preparing Client Meeting Agenda
  • 351 Mid-Semester Test Study
  • 341 Timesheet
  • EPM Weekly Submission
  • EPM Assigment
  • edit: EC Use Case Diagram (this bullet point should be before the 351 Test)

Once I stop ranting on about my workload, I will need to once and for all completely my individual SRS by at least 90%. It’s probably on 60% status, right now, but I really don’t want to do it.

I can genuinely not wait until Wednesday noon. Although I’ll most likely be heading off to work (fill in for Good Friday), most of the trauma will be over!

edit: I am on the home stretch of completing my individual SRS now. I kind of got into the mode I am also wearing socks on my hands… I can still type perfectly well!

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One thought on “Lost: My Weekend

  1. Just hoping that you won\’t lose your Good Friday~hehe~
    Happy Choclater~ [ Umm, whatever that means -_-! ]

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