An Update from the last entry.
My worklist in order of priority and deadline:
  • Individual SRS
  • Team SRS
  • Preparing Client Meeting Agenda
  • 351 Mid-Semester Test Study
  • 341 Timesheet
  • EPM Weekly Submission
  • EPM Assigment
  • edit: EC Use Case Diagram (this bullet point should be before the 351 Test)

Today, I did the most stupid thing ever. The Individual SRS was due today at 5pm, so last night I completed it at just before midnight. As I couldn’t go physically hand it in, my team members agreed to print out my file if I emailed it to them. So around midnight, feeling happy, proud and very relieved the ordeal is finally over, I sent the file to my group members… Or so I thought I did! Then, today at 4pm, I get a call that I didn’t attach it!


I am so stupid! I was in total panic mode, saying ‘oh my god’, ‘damn’, ‘crap’, every few seconds while i was in the office.  At least I wasn’t swearing like a trooper like a colleague was this morning… Ended up calling up mum, who is a complete newbie at using my computer and sending emails with attachments! Luckily, she came to the rescue and amazingly sent the right file to me

Okay, I should now go and study for my 351 tomorrow.

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