Fell back into bad habits this new mid-semester. Fell asleep for about 3 minutes in EPM on Monday and then for 5 minutes in 351 on Wednesday. I was going really good for this semester! Until after the Easter break. The Easter break has made me lazy – I don’t even do study everyday any more…
I’m not sure about the new office. I’m positively certain that the new phone system gave me a huge headache, which caused me to have a really early sleep at 11pm It’s more sectioned off and decentralised, which means I see hardly anybody and vice versa. I’m thinking the feng shui might not be that good. I also heard a “domestic” go on. Obviously, not a real domestic, since that only happens between couples, but I’ve never really seen her that angry before… I’m worried about this new office. The (address) number isn’t too great, has no 8s in it, but a 4 . The phone number has both, but once you’ve got that 4, it’s bad news already. Who wants to die and then get rich, or get rich and die (soon)?! Somehow, I am foreseeing that harmony and profit will dip – not good!

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