Missy, get back into line!

Omg, it’s already week 9! That means only 3 more weeks until the semester ends and I seem to have gone back to the old procrastinating, last minute tanoshii.ki.
Okay, the Easter break totally killed me. I’m absolutely stuffed! Why did I take on Question 3 for EPM?! It’s bloody hard… The Easter break made me get completely out of routine and made me go back into my “comfort mode”.
For the rest of the semester:
  • 341 Design Assignment: Mid-Level Class Diagram
  • EPM Assignment Question 3 –> Submit Assignment
  • 341 Timesheet (Week 7 & 8)
  • EPM Weekly Writeup for Week 9
  • 340 SDD production
  • 340 Keeping in contact with client
  • Write minutes
  • 341 Timesheet (Week 9 & 10)
  • 351 Project
  • 341 Design Assignment: Justifications and Detailed Class Diagrams
  • 341 Project Reflection
  • 340 SRS signed off
  • EXAMS!!!

Errk… I have not started on any summaries for any of my subjects. I’ll guess I’ll have to really carefully use my time for these 4 weeks.

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