I’m here sitting in a ICT lab. I fell asleep properly in a lecture today. I suppose, that is the first time this semester. The chairs in Prince Phillip are just too comforting. The low lighting doesn’t help either.

I’m currently procrastinating. I suppose I should really be doing some work on my databases. The other members have done so much and all I’ve done is copy some html and css code. We currently have just over a week to complete the thing. I have a feeling our project is lacking in a lot of things. I keep hearing about logged-in sessions. We probably need to implement those things in, right? And then there’s issue of who the user is. I think the current consensus is that it’s for staff members to manage their customers and menus? I’ll figure out the design parts later, I’d rather get the fundamentals correct than the flair. Although, having flair looks nice!

I’m going to get out of this room as soon the computer clock hits 15:00. I need to get some fresh air. Been cooped up in here for about 3 hours. Going to cooped up again for probably another 3 hours because of a group meeting for 351. I should be home now…

Happy birthday wishes to my brother, who is currently going around proclaiming his legal status.


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