Semester Reflection

Well we’ve come to the end of the 12 weeks of the semester. So, have I achieved my goals? What were my goals?


A key point summary of semester 1, 2006

  • Group work overload! Every subject had group work as a major component. Not that I really mind to be honest, I just hate the meetings…
  • Preparation and study effort was initially going great and then disappeared from the mid-semester break.
  • Fell asleep much less in classes! Only about 5 times; a definite improvement from previous semesters!
  • Wearing myself thin with work and uni commitments
  • Went on a self-imposed low-cal diet only to end up mega-binging 10 days later.
  • Spent way too many nights and weekends at uni and not enough at home.
  • Brokedown at uni in front of my team members and supervisor.
  • Received a group assignment mark worse than my cost management – didn’t think that was possible! Currently have no idea why the low mark…
  • Highly unlikely to ever receive a H1; H2 chances are terribly slim as well.

Note that the tense keeps switching…

Was recently asked at work about my future there. My plan had always been to go enter a mid-tier to ‘Big 4’ accounting firm as soon as I graduated. Yeah, I’m not considering Software Eng at all. Unless it was a consulting position… Not intelligent enough to be a full-time coder, which sounds like a nightmare to me anyway. 

Haha, Chief Financial Officer (or something along the lines of that…)? First I thought, no way, the pay there is quite low for even the managers… However, if the company can sustain its rate of growth, the available employment expenses payable could be huge! But then again, currently we have cash flow woes We all know ‘cash is king’!

The pay is not really the reason why I had never considered staying there for long term. Being the only ‘financy’ type person there at the moment, I lack the guidance of a senior to guide me in the right way of being an accountant. Oh and the accounting issues at the current place are quite tricky and to have to manage it long term is not something I would desire! To get the place up to scratch with proper accounting standards would involve many long weeks, if not months…

My one large fear is working in the same place, same position and never being promoted. My mac.rob friends know about this fear…


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