New object of desire

After some fruitless procrastination tonight, I went through my favourites and checked out my old links. A few of the old links were in relation to the Asus M5A which I had been drooling over during the summer holidays. I even went to the Notebooks R Us close to my office, just to check it out in person. Obviously, didn’t end up buying and for quite a while had been lamenting that there had been no recent laptops with similar specifications released.
Checked out the Asus website tonight and found this: u5a! It’s pretty much the replacement of the M5A It’s even lighter too at only 1.4kg! Unfortunately, the RRP is too high for me at $2499.00. I’ve found a few lower on the web, but not by considerably much. Plus, the specs are quite average and I foretell that this laptop won’t last very long.
You might ask, why don’t I just get the (now superseded) ibook or the new macbook? They seem to have what I am looking for. The ibook: yes. The macbook: absolutely no! The macbook is terrible. Glossy screen?! Widescreen?! The designers at apple have lost their minds this time. What type of notebook designed for portability would have a widescreen? The widescreen is the most ugliest addition to laptops!!! Besides, I don’t think I could ever switch to a mac and their lower-end laptops have never been below 2kg…
I think I’ve procrastinated enough now! I’ve really got to do absolute proper studying tomorrow!

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