EPM = Extremely Petrifying Matters!

I wanted to make up some spiffy “debreivation” of EPM for my title, but couldn’t think of any great ones… My vocab has gone down the drain… What’s the proper word for “debreviation”? Not spiffy, but who cares…
A few days to go for that exam and I hardly know anything. I’ve done a few trial papers, where every time I get distracted. It’s really hard to trying to sit still for 2 hours at home. The actual exam will be 3.5 hours long – including reading time. The trial exams have helped me, but they have only really been a guide as to how clueless I really am about this subject. Each question is about 10 marks, includes 3 pages of lines and usually I can only think about 5 points, if lucky!!! That’s only half!!! It seems (as usual) that I only know superficially about each topic. This subject leaves no topic point unturned, I need to know absolutely everything about every topic to even get a chance in passing this exam, and hence subject!
Unfortunately, it seems as though I still have no idea about transfer pricing… Still highly patchy about variance analysis. Honestly, still patchy about every single topic!
I’ve got only 2 days to shape up for this exam! There’s absolutely no chance for me to obtain a H2 and I’d be bloody lucky to even get a H3 Arghhhhhhhhh!

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