I am being accused of plagiarism!

I come back home from my EPM exam feeling slightly refreshed and relieved that it’s all over, only to be ‘greeted’ with an SMS relating to an email that’s been sent to my EPM group.
We have been accused of cheating!
I will hereby expressly state that I did not whatsoever knowingly and intentionally partake in cheating under any circumstances. Since I was the person who wrote up the document in questioning, I unforunately bear most of the responsibility and therefore feel most threatened and pressured by this accusatory claim.
The consequences of plagiarism at Melbourne Uni are exceptionally high. One, automatic fail for the subject. I just finished the exam and I was quite certain I would pass it and I would hate to have to endure it again. Two, permanent record on my Academic Transcript. This is basically going to be bright red flag for potential employers that I am apparently untrustworthy and lack ethics! Three, termination from degree! I’ve already completed just about 3.5 years of my degrees, at this very late end, I would not put this suffering on myself.
I am vehemently not so foolish or stupid to want to instantly remove all my years of hard work, pain and tears and my reputation just by an act of plagiarism!
It’s not over, it’s only the beginning!
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2 thoughts on “I am being accused of plagiarism!

  1. it\’ll be okay baby girl. i know you didn\’t cheat, and you know you didn\’t cheat. you\’d never do anything like that. it\’ll blow over.

  2. Thanks for you support 🙂
    I now have to write up a written reference as I can\’t attend the official meeting. I hope this gets cleared easily without the knife falling onto anyone! >.<

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