Share house in Preston!

Beautiful and large double-storey house in the most convenient suburb of Preston with up to 6 rooms available on offer! 

Central to Melbourne University, RMIT and La Trobe University! Very close to train and tram stops.
Also close to Preston Market and other shopping facilities. Friendly atmosphere!

Prefer new housemates to be able to speak Chinese – Mandarin or Cantonese.

Rental, bond amounts and furnishing details are yet to be confirmed. If interested, please leave a comment at the end of this entry with your contact details. You’ll love the place!

Just posted something like that on a few free classified sites. Thought I might as well post it on here, although no one reads this!
Are you an International student? Can you speak Chinese? Looking for somewhere to live? Want a friendly and convenient location with tonnes of shops and easy access tram and trains? Sick of your landlord? Want interesting perks like potential phone card, metcard, plane ticket discounts? Still interested? Come on, move in and give me a comment with your contact details!
</spam> Seriously, it’s a nice place!

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