Time to re-motivate

Okay, this is the start of the second week of the ‘holidays’. Received a general email from uni about internships. Oh crap, better start thinking of how to answer those pesky behavioural questions. A few of them want a Distinction to High Distinction average… Urk! No can do/offer! Just calculated more recent results up to now and I just miss a Distinction average, boo. The only way to get that would be if I achieved exceptional H1s for all my subjects this semester – as if Results come out this Thursday/Friday. Luckily I don’t have the queasy I’m-going-to-fail-feeling any more, but to now know I should have been trying for exceptional H1s definitely is a downer. Man, I should have tried harder those past years…
Looked at few more similar companies… Looks like I’m searching the wrong places. *makes mental note: don’t even bother with investment banking institution applications*

Need to make a list of goals to set myself on the right path

  1. Look up summer vacation/internship positions
  2. Start applying for above
  3. Resume 340 mode, i.e. actually be in the mindset
  4. Lose weight
I seriously can’t imagine myself working in a technical firm, unless I was doing the financial side of it. My brother always questions me why did I choose Software Engineering? I’d like to say, I really don’t know, but at the time of choosing I recall I thought I was actually good at computers. Pfft.
Re: Point 4. I’ve probably been saying this for ages, but recently I’ve seen some  key signs that I desperately need to lose the fat! Went clothes shopping, which I haven’t done in ages – probably been avoiding it as I am too fat. A size 8 doesn’t fit me anymore! Crap! All the unsightly bulges I don’t have a specific goal of how much to lose, but I do have an ultimate goal weight: 45kg. More realistically (and maybe more westernly healthy) it would be 50kg. Not doing much to facilitate this goal, considering I’ve had drinking chocolate today, some chocolate, a home-made fat-laden bacon and cheese roll… Okay to fit back comfortably into a size 8!

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