Results out.

Okay, they’re here. Okay… Um. Didn’t do as well as I expected. I’m going to preface I had much higher expections than recent previous semesters’ . Glad to report that everything was higher than a P though, which I was expecting anyway. Like I’ve mentioned in the last entry, there were absolutely no I’m-going-to-fail feelings after leaving any of the exams. Actually, I felt quite psyched. I was expecing at least distinctions for all subjects, but unfortunately one subject was a high credit. Ooh, high credits are so annoying because they are just so close to distinction, but they just aren’t one. Otherwise, the other 2 were a H2. One of those H2 subjects, I was aiming for a H1, but even when I calculated the marks I could get during that exam, I knew I could only get a H2. I should be happy though. I actually haven’t been able to get a H2A for about 2 years. Yes, 2 years. I suck. I really wanted to get a H1 again. I may still have the opportunity though. I actually put in some effort this semester past, although I did falter in the second half, so it goes to show it does pay off. There are still quite a few subjects coming up, especially in my IT side, that seem like they could be H1-achieveable. I just have to work my bloody arse off!!! So easy to say/write…
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