Office EOFY* Party

*End of Financial Year, although technically it really should be the New Financial Year.
It’s strange being the only sober person while everyone is drunkenly deteriorating around you. It used to just feel hyper-surreal or displacing. Maybe it’s just that I am literally in another world, more emotionally disconnected to the people, so it feels less affecting.
(For reference/comparison purposes: Last year’s Christmas Party)
As usual had work first. Funnily, also had to do a bank reconciliation before the party as well, but nowadays, my accuracy is pretty much spot on  It usually reconciles first time! Also coincidentally, was doing the ad invoices in the last hours as well… But, bleh enough about work; everyone knows that bookkeepers are boring
Left the office at about 18:00, latching on to some staff to the place below our office. Oh crap, nothing to talk about. My favourite thing in the whole world is water. When I’ve got nothing to say – 99% of the time -, it’s where I run to. Water! Caught the tram up to the official party setting.
Seating was very cramped – male/female alternating. I had to do some very awkward manoeuvres even just to eat bread. No faux pas occurred this time “Broke” the bread and only poked fork into food once everyone else had. Thank goodness I didn’t order the Chicken & Apricot. It was this strange slice of chicken loaf, with three cubes of tiny ‘artistic’ jelly and blob apricot puree on the side. Although the Burger Ravioli wasn’t aesthetically appealing, it tasted well. Main was a vegetarian moussaka. Only ordered it because everything else had fish. I don’t like fish. Cheesy goodness, until the end where it was just starchy stuff. Desert was also strange. A mini chocolate self-saucing pudding accompanied with a bizarre highly elastic marshmallow cream thingy on top of hard shortbread. Interesting…
Once again, speeches were made. I am “quiet and efficient”, not much different to a robot, right?! Oh well. I accept it. It’s true. Most of the time I feel like I’m just on the outside watching in. I may as well be a concrete pillar sometimes, as I contribute nothing to conversation. Got lectured as to why I should/need to drink, only to be told a few hours later that I was wise to not drink ¬_¬ … I touched not a sip of alcohol that night. Excessive alcohol makes people do the most stupidest and random things. From my viewpoint of the night, people just say whatever they see – examples withheld.
Walked up to some random bar with predominantly dance music. Most of the time I was just sitting on some chair while iniquity ensued. Colleagues becoming more intoxicated. I fear the repercussions for a couple. They were so plastered. Oh man, felt like a seedy voyeur watching those wandering hands!
As we were kicked out (due to closing), we headed to the most sleaziest bar/club in the whole world: Traffik. Old men trying to crack on to any living object that faintly represents female. Ewww… Highly unpleasant. I suppose this was the flashing indicator to go home, plus the fact that it was 4am. Taxi-shared with the boss and another casual.
Oh, one awaits the aftermath on Monday morning!

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