Hot Sensations

I’ve got RSI symptoms again. A tingly, slightly hot sensation felt at the joints of mainly my left thumb. Sometimes, other finger joints will feel it too, but right now it’s just the thumb. All I’ve been doing this past week is finally getting a move on with the SRS – a lot of mundane typing – and the usual web browsing. Oh actually, I’ve been completely slaving away over the company’s internal financial reports. It sucks… Have no idea where all these big differences are coming from. Garghh!
It’s strange, like most people, I hardly use my thumb when typing – not sure why it feels slightly painful there.
Once the hardcore coding period starts, it better not flare up again. After tonight, I’ll need to give my thumb and other fingers a good rest.
♪ S.R.S please someone help me/it’s not healthy/to feel this/ ♪

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