Uni stuff

EDIT: OKAY, WTH did you to the tea theme Microsoft?! Grr, not happy! I don’t want that bloody ugly brown background for each big division! EDIT2: Also some images are not appearing, even though they are Microsoft’s own Window’s Live Spaces’ emotions! Stupid!

Testing Techniques 14 2006-08-03 4:15 UG11
Software Cost Estimation 15 2006-08-10 4:15 UG12

Coding Practices and Standards 15 2006-08-10 5:15 UG11
Technical Writing 16 2006-08-17 4:15 UG08
Release Engineering 16 2006-08-17 5:15 UG12
I could tablise this, but I can’t be bothered.

First week back at uni and I seem to have already done tonnes of work. Unfortunately, it’s mainly 340 and SRS related, which means I’m neglecting my other subjects. I am already behind in my pre (now post) reading and haven’t prepared for any tutes yet. Need to get back on track ASAP because one delay trips up everything…

One thought on “Uni stuff

  1. My stupid IE 6.0 thinks itself is still some pre-v5.0, even after installing 7.0 b3…
    I cannot update my free and award-winning McAfee anti-virus because it asks for IE v5 and later….
    MS is evil!
    Missing my semester break already! Well, at least this semester I\’m trying to make a big difference 😛

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