Time Waster

I should be sleeping now…
This has been the most unproductive weekend ever. Spent most of it reading scanlated Ouran Koukou Host Club manga and watching raw and fansubbed episodes of the anime. Did not do any uni work at all! Argh! I should know better… ¬_¬ The only attempt was to visit the subject sites and see if there were any new announcements. Oh man, it’s going to catch up to me bad! I now have two weeks worth of lecture notes and reading to rewrite and summarise. If I don’t get back on track, I know by mid-semester, I’ll have an outrageous ‘to do’ list with tasks I’ll never complete, despite the 2 week break.
Hopefully will be able to come home earlier for now. FY2006 report was doing my head in at work. Nothing was consistent. Everytime I looked at the damn thing, a new mistake or revelation would be found. Was staying til about almost 7pm. NG. Got to get it all back in order. One day I’ll get to sorting out the Petty Cash system.
During the weekend, also watched American Dreamz. It was interesing and I enjoyed it. Unsure the targeted mainstream audience would get it all though…
Slept very late and woke up very late. 2pm on Saturday and 3pm Sunday. Bad, bad, bad!
Client meeting this week. Am anticipating reply about SRS. Hope they don’t blast it and ask for a gazillion additions. Admitedly, we chucked out alot of initial requirements. I’m such a mediocre client liaison officer. Sign-off is supposed to be completed this Thursday! Probably won’t be able to come home earlier now… I foresee many nights imprisoned in the ICT building for 340 or maybe even other subjects! Nooooo!
</random rambling>

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