Week 4 Already?!

I can’t believe it’s already week 4! I’m so behind in everything. Last weekend, I did literally nothing! This weekend isn’t looking much better either. There are some things I must complete by this weekend, so I guess tomorrow I’ll have to be working extra hard.
Something completely random… while looking up some Ouran stuff, I found out there’s a newish Evangelion spin off manga based on Shinji’s happy, hyper daydream in the crazy, last episode of the anime! The US release is called “Angelic Days”. The drawing skill looks crappy, but it sure sounds like interesting reading. Ah, Evangelion.. It was my first proper anime, thanks to SBS. Well, actually, Pokemon was the first anime I saw, but somehow cartoons on Cheez TV just don’t cut it… Since then I’ve had a steady on-off relationship with manga & anime.
Anyway, got to make a list
  • 340: html files
  • 353: read up on chapters 1
  • 342: do assignment 1
  • (re)learn C esp
    Zomg, my C skills are so poor. 342 requires some basic C and I can’t even do it. I suck. *Ultimate n00b alert* Can’t use vim either. Will have to figure out some re-keymapping in .rc file. My favourite keys that work in the harmless but feature-lite pico just produce random characters in vim.
Important Dates in August
  • 14th: Careers Fair
  • 18th: Friend’s farewell party
  • 20th: Open Day Volunteering <– I’ll be there from 8am x_X
  • 21st: 342 Assignment due
  • 31st: Vacation applications close next day

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