Now it’s nearly week 5

That means we are nearly mid-way through this semester. I can’t believe it’s gone by so quickly! I feel like I’ve learnt absolutely nothing so far.
I’ve done the tiniest little bit in terms of vacation applications. I’ve only just realised that I need an academic reference. Luckily, I can think of one, but if she doesn’t want to be, then I don’t really know who to turn to. I’m not one to bug lecturers or tutors after class, nor am I an exceptional or unforgettable student. It’s very hard to make any attachment with a lecturer or tutor when you only see them for 12 weeks – especially when just a very average student. Plus, if it’s a lecture, they’ve most likely see my eyes closed more than they’ve seen them open j/k.
Then there are those pesky behavioural questions. Eg. I want to work at **** because…, In three years I see myself…, I’ve shown leadership when…, etc. They are the hardest to answer. I know they are looking for particular keywords and stories, but specifically what, I do not know.
I’ve got many things to do over this weekend. A “small” 10% assignment that’s making me go crazy. A friend’s farewell party. Start on networks project. Do something for 340. Open Day volunteering where I have to be at uni at 8am – there aren’t even any trains on a Sunday morning that get to the city before 8am! And of course, those vacation applications.

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