“Colded” <– Open Day 06

Woke up this morning feeling most urghh. I’ve caught a cold. I was absolutely fine yesterday. I think it was from all the people.
Yesterday woke up terribly early for a Sunday morning before 7am to volunteer at The University of Melbourne’s Open Day. I was part of the setting up team, which involved mainly of putting up posters, tying balloons to rails, etc. It felt kind of magical when the helium filled balloons had to be let out of their supplier bags. Haha… Also got my free t-shirt. As one of the first volunteers of the day, the perk was that medium – the smallest – size shirts were still available. The procurement persons must have overestimated the amount of fat nerds/geeks in CSSE… Although I didn’t stay till the end of the day, there were probably still like 50 XL shirts left over. Could have swiped one for spare material/pyjamas – Asian stealth/stingy style. Some guy was still wearing his free shirt today! O_o
After the balloon tying and poster placing, there was still more than an hour until my next role, so Shanika (another volunteer) and I walked around the main campus killing time. I scored a freebie from the Commerce department; a screen cleaner strap.
Next role: Student Guide. Involved mainly of shoving yellow program guides into people’s faces and directing to them to key presentations and demonstrations. Boo to all those people asking where physiology is and those completely ignored me when I asked them “Are you interesting in computer science or software engineering?” For a few minutes, I was holding a Follow Me sign, to lead people to a lab demostration. Unforunately, I had to do some improtu saving because the demonstrators were late. The people already in there seemed annoyed and so I had to make up stupid excuses, kill awkard time by asking whether they had any general questions about CSSE, but they were like “No!” Pfft. Also, at that time, my brother and his [maybe girl]friend gave me a visit. Hehe…
Ah, I’m making it sound like it was crap. No, not true. Got a free lunch involving an overly burnt sausage, a balloon – now presently de-heliumed -, got to challenge my shyness by forcing myself to say stuff to strangers, hang out with some people, some clarity for the 342 assignment, etc.
Never thought I would enjoy volunteering. I’m quite a profit-focused person, ie no pay, no way. However, at the end of it all, as I ate my highly affordable 30c Hungry Jack’s soft serve cone, I felt a sense of personal satisfaction
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2 thoughts on ““Colded” <– Open Day 06

  1. Hey…u got a cold too?? Better take more rest…and my balloon pop when it was 2 mins walk away from my house…stupid branch….anyway…..let\’s kill more work…take care

  2. Thank you 🙂 Hope we all get better soon.
    My balloon is still alive, but the helium has gone and is now less than half the size it was on Sunday.

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