Those behavioural questions…

All summer vacation applications for accounting positions are due by the end of this week. I have about 10+ companies shortlisted. Yes, TEN! Yes, more than ten! Erk! I’m in mid-way through most of them. About half only require CVs, results and cover letters, so they are relatively a bit more easier. Can pretty much copy the cover letters, change the name, change the division/business focus, etc.
However, quite a few of the firms are wanting to weed out the applicants through sneaky behavioural questions. Inane questions I have to answer include…
  • Please describe your most memorable in the past 12 months.
  • Describe a time you believe you inspired others.
  • Why Chartered Accounting?
  • What attracts you to $companyName?
  • Please describe your greatest non-academic achievement to date.

I have formulated responses for some, but unfortunately, as I re-read, most of the time they just sound lame – for lack of better word… One company also is only accepting offline applications. I was supposed to mail it off before the 6pm Australia Post deadline, but I got stuck on the cover letter. How to write a cover letter for summer vacation position? They don’t usually advertise criteria, etc. I feel that I’m completely writing crap or writing things they already know about their own company.

On top of this, I’ve got Networks to complete. Much thanks to Fransisca for her patience with me!!! My receive() is still very buggy. I aim to MUST finish it tonight! Even if I can’t complete the store_and_forward(), I want to be able to actually have had a good go at it. Sigh, store_and_forward(), I don’t even know how to even start on it!


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