Engineering with Honours

However, only just – i.e. on the cutoff – due to my dismal performance during my 200-level subjects. If I don’t attain more than high H3s, ie aim for H1, for all future Engingeering subjects, bye bye Honours! Comforting to know I still have a chance.
I have, compared to last semester, been slacking off, as I haven’t kept up with the readings and have not made the effort to not fall asleep in lectures!
Subject progress so far. Here starts the babble.
  • 340: Bit of a slow down, but most of the marks are due to effort in teamwork, which I’m sure will be fine. My individual effort – hmm, I’m not too sure. As soon as the mid-semester holidays start, I’ll step up the gas.
  • 343: No assessment yet. I have fallen asleep in quite a few lectures, however most haven’t been very useful nor interesting. Two essay critiques are due tomorrow, which I have only just started. I am assuming, as long as I give a valid response I will attain the full 10%. Tutorial play a large component, however, have not been chosen to speak yet. For some reason, I have a feeling it will my group’s turn this week or the next. Topic is along the lines of whether Microsoft has been good for computer science field.
  • 353: Luckily I did not give up on project1! I seriously hadn’t created a set of compiling C modules since first year… Hopefully, I have fulfilled all their criteria and will gain at least 14 out of 15. Aiming for full marks may be unrealistic, as I didn’t bother with thorough testing and tutors always find reasons to never award all available marks.
    Mid-sem is on next Monday. Feeling very directionless in this subject, as I fall asleep in about 90% of the lectures or have no idea what the heck the lecture is going on about. Hoping he will address what will be tested next week. Can begin “intensive” revision from Tuesday night. Project2 will also come out soon – eep!
  • 342: First assignment return 9 out of 10, thanks to lenient marker. Was aiming for full marks initially, but by deadline I just wasn’t really sure what they were looking for. How come they don’t give out criteria sheets before the submission date?! 9 out of 10, I suppose, is well enough. This is also a falling-asleep-in-lecture subject, but I blame it on location. ICT-Theatre 1 is the most sleep inducing theatre ever. The 342 lecture in A1 doesn’t make me fall asleep – albeit, that’s cancelled now.
    Second assignment is out now. Haven’t started it yet. Looks more harder, but am not worried yet. Main project comes soon – have not formed group yet
  • Vacation Work: Okay, this is not a subject, but deserves a bullet point header.
    Most ICAA recruiters closed apps last Friday. There are still a few more to go. Including one opportunity to go to Japan OMG! Imagine that?!
    Interview offers should be coming out over this fortnight. Eekk!

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