Let me wallow in self-pity


Don’t lecture me on my anti-socialness! I’m not in any mood to talk, so just leave me alone and let me listen to depressing songs.
Never in my life have I wanted my phone to ring so much. Unfortunately it only did when I wasn’t waiting for it to ring… I swear, I jump each time the mobile rings or buzzes, only to be highly let down when I see it’s a known number. I guess I’ve been silently rejected by about ten or so firms. To rub it in, KPMG sent a rejection letter by post today.
This week is just depressing. Too many people dying… Not enough phone calls from firms… Rejection letters… Tiredness… Not having achieved anything…
I really don’t know what they want. I did the research, personalised the cover letters, gave thought to my answers to their narky behavioural questions… What did they want?! What more do they bloody more want?! How much more do I have to sell myself?

One thought on “Let me wallow in self-pity

  1. Hey~ cheer up! There\’s nothing to feel bad about, I spammed tons of firms, only 1 actually rejected me over an automatically generated email, the others were just dead. But am not pissed at all 🙂 it is their lost of not having you, always!

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