Rational Thoughts

*clear thinking mode*
*okay, maybe not…*
I think I lost my chance with Horwath. Their pyschometric test was just too difficult, plus I wasn’t properly prepared. I took the test just before midnight, when I probably wanted to sleep rather than solve strange magic squares. The final date to complete the test was last Wednesday and I haven’t received a callback yet. I think it also didn’t help that I was a bit curt on the phone when the HR called me… I suppose my frame of my mind at that moment was like, I already know about your email and I was hoping you were another company willing to accept me. Silly girl. Could have had at least one more interview chance.
Seems like I may have jeopardised my chances by submitting all my applications so close to deadline. I’ve been reading up that many of the smaller firms have already given job offers or are favouring those who applied early. Hmm, I didn’t know it worked like that I wonder if I would have received more interview offers if I had submitted my applications a week to a fortnight early?!
Well, tomorrow is a busy day. ANZ Assessment Centre Testing in the morning, 353 mid-sem in the afternoon and the Deloitte Information Session in the evening. I have to do my best in all of them as they are my only chances. がんばろう ellie-chan!

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