Just had my ANZ behavioural interview today. It lasted for about 45 minutes Gosh! I’m not sure I made the greatest impression, especially as the interview seemed to end very loosely with me going “So, um, is that it???” I suppose the rapport wasn’t strong enough. The best news is that at 7pm tonight, I received a call from Deloitte and I’m through to their behavioural interview round too YES!
  • 340: Um, I’m supposed to have pretty much completed my coding and testing for my modules. Yeah, right… I’ve lost my motivation for this subject. It’s such a shame. Ellie, think about the client. Think about fulfilling your contractual obligations and having a happy client!
  • 343: After the collaborative essay was done, I hardly thought about this subject anymore. I was right, I did have to do the impromptu that week and boy, did I suck! Wasn’t too happy about my peer review mark: 9 out of 10. I was under the impression aslong I submitted it, I would receive the full 10.
  • 342: Completely fudged that last assignment. There’s currently a project going on, but unfortunately I still don’t know have a group yet.
  • 353: Mid-sem test was sooo easy, much thanks to connections! Yay to unoriginal lecturers. I’m very disappointed in my Project 1 marks: 12 out 15. I wonder where I went wrong – I was expecting 14. I thought I fulfilled all the requirements! Project 2 is now out and I haven’t started. Not due until 4 weeks.

So, um, yeah. I’m like the best student ever! W00t!

That last line was sarcastic btw – obviously…


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