♪Go ahead and waste your time with thinking…

Yes, the above title doesn’t make any sense, nor does it actually connect with contents of my entry. It’s just an opening lyric of a song from a band I never listen to but pops up frequently on one of my online radio stations.
Let’s do one of these again.
  • 340: The system is pretty much finished, yes! However, in terms of ‘usability’ and conforming to standards, it has a long way to go. XHTML 1.0 Strict is the meanest thing ever… Very restrictive, but I guess it forces me to follow a coding practice. Client testing is supposed to happen this week. If it does, I’m quite anxious. As both a client and potential end-user, he will find so many things wrong with it. The system also goes public via ICT Panorama 2006 this Thursday. Eep!
    What I need to do this week: User & Install Doc and Test cases and reports
  • 342: I have a group. That’s all I can really say. I don’t understand the project enough and there’s a progress feedback session on this week. Great.
  • 343: Essay due this week. I’d say it’s 90% done. I asked an msn friend to review it and the largest areas of concern seemed to be sureness of general statements. Hopefully, if that can be fixed, it would be nice to get an H1. However, a H2 mark is probably more realistic. Next up, peer reviews of other essays and in-lecture test.
  • 353: Project 2 due on the same day as Panorama Extensions may be possible. Many thanks to a connection. Unfortunately, still haven’t bothered to read up the intricacies of IPv4.
  • Vacation Work: This issue is now finalised. So, it’ll be an 8 week stint at ANZ in their C&IT (Corporate & IT) division. To be honest, I’m not really sure what I’ll be doing and where it’s located! Definitely in Melbourne, but which building? Whenever you’re in the Melbourne CBD and look up, there’s like a zillion ANZ buildings… I guess part of my work will involve documentation, since it seemed to be hinted at during my interview. I won’t be able to see a contract until about next week – all I know is that the gross pay is good!It may be premature to say this, but the search for a graduate position is not yet over. From the recruitment process of above company, I didn’t exactly receive the most favourable lasting impression. Additionally, I had never intended to apply for a full-time, IT-focused career position, which this role seems to be. Combining IT with business/accounting, yes; soley IT, no. I didn’t want to spend my summer holidays coding. If that’s what this internship position is… oh the irony! However, I may end up really enjoying my time there and if lucky, garner a graduate role. There may even be opportunities to move to the Accounting and Finance division. I’ll see how it goes. Otherwise, come March 2007, it’s back to answering inane behavioural questions for the Big 4.

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