Going home from ICT walking to the tram stop at about 10pm, thinking about what a pleasant night it had been, I become curious by a newly placed scaffolding. Next thing, my hands and knees are on some loose ashphalt and my lips get a taste of it too. I step up and it seems like I’ve tripped over some hole in the ground!!! Ow, my knees really sting, so does my bottom lip. I haven’t tripped like this in years! Sure I’m a naturally clumsy kid, but poorly lit areas and random holes in the ground without warning signs is an expensive litigation case waiting to happen! Was going to continue walking to the tram stop but I had feeling my lips were bleeding…
Went back into the ICT building, straight into the bathroom. With the bright lights, I could see that my knees were bleeding terribly and the hem of my dress slightly rubbing against my knees made them sting more. Lips were clear though although they still feel strange now.
There’s another part to this entry that I may or may not continue… Too sleepy and busy atm.

3 thoughts on “Trippin’

  1. Oh my! Are you ok? Last night was great! I wish my 440 team next year would do the same 😛 Lucky my lock smiths came over last night and let me in…

  2. Thanks for the comment 🙂
    Yes, I\’m fine, but wasn\’t too happy about tripping over. The parts where I\’ve grazed my knees still stings on contact with most materials…

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