It’s nearly the end…

It’s another one of these again… Prepare for drabble. Honestly, 99% of my entries are written for my own purposes.
  • 340: Hmm, this is now technically finished, however, there are still some administrative things to be done. Product demos, progress reports, etc. I can’t wait until this drain of a subject is finally gone.
  • 342: Major project due this Thursday and I have done literally crap all. Crap. Assignment 2 marks came out and I went okay. I’m stuffed for the Project. My friends have only vague ideas as to how to complete it as well. I have group meeting tomorrow, so I better do something tonight.
  • 343: This subject is pretty much finished now. Just need to finish the 0% rejoinder and then bye bye 343!
  • 353: I was have supposed to have started my exam summary/revision on Friday. Um, no. All I did yesterday was watch NHK ni Youkoso – an anime about Hikikomori, NEET and Otaku-ism. A refreshing change from my preferred genre of “rabu-kome”. Oh man, falling back into the anime world was such a mistake. It’s made my already low productivity levels drastically drop. Also in my currently watching list are Sumomomo Momomo and Asatte no Houkou. Hmm, this bullet point was supposed to be about 353. Continuing, I’m a tiny bit concerned about project 2… Okay, if I can summarise at least one of the layers today, then it should be okay.
  • Vacation Work: Contract still not received, but apparently there’s been a delay in payroll or something. I want to see the buckaroonies! J/k. Plus foolish me still doesn’t know exactly where exactly I’ll be working.

One thought on “It’s nearly the end…

  1. i was to watch/read that Welcome to NHK, but given my huge tracking list, guess i\’ll stick to my currently already overloaded anime/manga workload…
    Good luck with 342, i heard it is hard…

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