Job Vacancy

Anyone looking for a major IT task to do over summer?
My employer is looking for some people who can help them create a DBMS. If you don’t know what that is, no need to bother applying. I’ve verbally asked the more adept people that I would be confident in saying STUDENT_A is a good candidate, but they are too smart and already have vacation positions or summer projects.
A DBMS for a growing company to keep online accessible records of customer, advertising, subscription information. Quite standard.
Able to create:
– a web front end DBMS, using MSSQL back end compatible with MS Access
– an efficient database design – reduce redundancy – I see the spec seems to have a lot of redundant fields
– create a flexible/expandable interface
Would be nice
– knowledge and experience in MSSQL (server installation and language)
– understand layout usability
Having had a look at the spec, the most easiest part of the project would be to set up the server, tables and fields. The harder parts comes from having an optimised database design as well as flexibility. Flexibility/Add-ons/Extras seem to be quite core in the spec.. I’m worried about the “tabs” feature. Nothing has been said about how the front end will be coded, but I guess it could be php, or even something proprietary! Also, pricing is undecided Name your worth! Otherwise, if you know of any good (free) open source and customisable systems like the above, recommends welcome.
If you’re interested and you actually know me(!), contact me…

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