Help me!

Someone needs to block me from the Internet!*
I have only four full days to go until my Networks exam and I can confidently say I know nothing! And what am I doing? Browsing an online Japanese pharmacy for Asian sunscreens -_-; Argggh! Yes, if you haven’t realised yet, I have a bit of a sunscreen fetish – for want of a better word…
My ANZ contract finally arrived today! I have to note that the presentation was less than desirable, plus there were no complimentary ‘welcome to ANZ’ gifts. e&y gave out cuff links and Deloitte had compendiums. A personalised business card would’ve satisfied me enough  I guess they need to make sure I pass the Police check first ¬_¬ I also had to open up an ANZ bank account; took about a complete hour to open one at my nearest branch. Plus, it pays no interest -_-; What a useless account. If I’m staying, I’ve got to upgrade to something else. Seriously, Laiki is one of the best I don’t care if I can’t speak Greek…
After much delay, I’ve finally downloaded Firefox – not the 2.0 version though. All my IT peers will hate me, but I’m still finding IE6.0 easier to use and more website compatible than FF 1.5. I’ll go and get the latest versions of IE & FF during summer probably. Funnily, FF uses twice as much RAM than IE, hmm…. For someone very RAM deprived, this is very important. The only plus for FF is tabbed browsing, which is now in IE7 anyway. I know there are tonnes of FF fans (Firefox, not Final Fantasy…) who can’t believe anyone would still use IE, but for me, IE wins.
*No, please don’t…

One thought on “Help me!

  1. Not looking good here either… Nothing has really been done, preparing to fail Networks and another subject before it… but why do you have to open an account there in order to work? i guess the only thing good about ANZ is ATM\’s are EVERYWHERE… never pay for withdraw ever…
    Go IE7! With skinnable plug-in, forced one-window mode (new tabs only), mouse gesture and tab session auto-save added (which im sure someone will make it), there\’s not that many reasons to use FF anymore, really. Presumably IE uses most of the common dlls that windows calls anyway, why bother a third party browser unless it\’s as good as Opera. i liked its note and email function, plus cute in size 😛 (ard 6MB).

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