Crummy Semester

This semester is most likely going to turn out as another crummy semester. I am regressing. Some 343 marks were posted up and I’m so certain that the tutor must have had a grudge on me. Received 9/15 for tutorial participation, when the average is over 12. In the final class, he even mentioned my name as one of those students who did not participate, whereas he left out other people’s names who hadn’t even spoken up once at all during the whole semester. Okay, my impromptu was terribly lacklustre, but I gave it a go, did I not? I seriously believe I deserved much more than 9. Also, only received 8/10 for the second essay review, despite putting much more effort into it than the first one where I had received 9/10. I wanted at 10 for this review, so I was very careful to check what the criteria really was and what the high scoring reviewers wrote. See kiddies, this is what happens when you try harder; you only get punished. There was a chance to get a H1 for this subject, but now I’ll be lucky to even receive a modest H2… I’m just really peeved about my tutorial participation mark!

Had 343 exam yesterday. Went absolutely terrible, but I can only blame myself. I did not try hard enough with my studying. There were so many questions that I had no idea how to answer. I’m back to being scared of failing a subject now, as opposed to not getting a H2 mark. Where were subnets and IP addressing – something I had trouble with but now know very well? Argggggggggh! Now I know the actual answers to some of the questions, I know the markers are going to be laughing for days with my answers… Yes, I had to make up my answers! I’ve seriously never done that before – I usually always at least have some clue. The only good thing is that if I pass the exam, which I have to do in order to pass the subject, I will automatically receive at least a H3. I was hoping to do better, but it’s all my own fault for not concentrating.

342 study is behind schedule. What’s new? I’ve tried to be a bit more restrained with my procrastination, but I’m only still up to black box testing. I’ve received fairly okay marks for my assignments this semester, although I don’t think I’m expecting anything great from the project. I’m hoping that our justifications will carry us through the hurdle. It was a terrible project to do. The group was good, but project was bad. I think it was “refreshing” to work with some new people for a change. A good catalyst to think about certain things differently. In many respects, this year’s been quite staid. </ambiguity> Due to my dismal 353 performance, I am definitely stepping up the studying effort, so here I return back to black box testing…

What a sucky semester.

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