My luck is running out

I think all through my life, all the good things that have came to me have been a result of pure luck. I really don’t believe it’s my talents or skills that have helped me achieved what I have so far. Now, I think it’s running out. 

1. Troubles with re-enrolment.
This has always been an easy process for me, since I planned my whole course as I soon as I received my acceptance of offer. Stupidly, unknowingly one particular subject now requires a pre-requisite, which I cannot fit into my course plan. If I had checked the handbook earlier, ie, last year, I would have done that subject this year. The only solution seems to be that I need to convince the subject co-ordinator to get a pre-requisite waiver, but the subject co-ordinator is away for two weeks. Arghh, re-enrolment closes tomorrow!!! Actually, he sent me an email this morning at 10am that he would still be at uni until 12:30pm, but when did I check my email??! At 12:40pm! Arghhh! Now, I guess I have to wait for next year. Also, for some strange reason, none of my cs subjects are being automatically approved. This is really frustrating, as I have no idea whether I have successfully re-enrolled for the next year. If only I had attempted to re-enrol earlier, I wouldn’t have gotten myself into this mess.

2. Won something, but lost it.
Got a call on Tuesday night saying I won a $500 gift card, but I had lost a receipt/proof of purchase, so I’m now ineligible. Boo… To be honest, I must have just entered the comp, not thinking about it, threw the receipt away.

Actually, I’m becoming quite worried that I might have failed a subject. I made up so many answers on the Networks exam and knowing how my luck has been going recently, I am really starting to think this…

There have been many other unlucky events, whether due to fate or my recent poor mismanagement and planning skills. I think I need to retreat.

I had a really freaky dream last night. I was in an office corridor, talking on my mobile and then suddenly all this commotion starts. I return back into the office and it seems like a building on the East side of the city has been attacked, “9/11” style. Everyone watches in shock as the building comes crumbling down… 

I think my head is stuffed.


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